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Resume - Acting 

UNIONS: Non Union              

HEIGHT: 5’ 5”

EYES: Black


HAIR: Black                                                                                                                                 





Good - Short                    Lead         Monica Szucs Prod/M. Szucs    

The Fixer - Pilot               Lead         Fixit Productions/David Marquel

Eye for an Eye - Short     Principle   Writer Girl Productions/K. Khan

Yes, Boss - Short              Lead          Langara College/P. Christie

Rattle - Short                     Lead          AI Films/Paolo Kaolalo

Due Date - Short               Lead          AI Films/Zackery Parent

Anger  - Short                    Lead          AI Films/Karl Rosner

Santa Puppies                   SOC          Keystone Entertainment/R.Vince

The Intruders - Short         Lead          Emily Carr Productions/Noami. White

The Portrait - Short           Supporting  Emily Carr Productions/ Tyson Laidler

Idiots = Product+Money    Principle     Blown Glass Media/J.Mesidor

Afghan Luke                      Actor          Afghan Luke Prod./Mike Clattenburg

Monthy Python - Short      Lead           Skeena Pictures/Wes Lansink




LaRonde                                             Lead/The Poet                      

Rogues West

Sherlock Holmes & X-mas Goose      Lead/Sherlock Holmes          

Footlight Theatre Comp.


¼ Life Crisis                                        Principle/Boredom              

8 Monkeys Productions


Good Night Desdemona                     Supporting/Romeo            

Theatre Kelowna Society


Aladdin                                               Supporting/ Ming Varz         

Theatre Kelowna Society


Midsummer Night’s Dream                Principle/Snug                      

Shakespeare Kelowna


Macbeth                                             Principle/Porter                    

Shakespeare Kelowna


Romeo & Juliet                                  Principle/Balthazar              

Shakespeare Kelowna





JBA  with Jeb Beach & Various Casting Directors                              

March 2016 - May  2017


The Source with Mark Hildreth                                                            

October 2015 -November 2015


Rogues West with Christiane Hirt                                                        

June 2015 - October 2016


Mark Downey Vocal Studios with Mark Downey                                

January 2013 – Sept 2013


East End Actors Studio with Lori Triolo & Ted Whittall                      

February 2012-October 2012    


Biz Studio with Trish Allen                                                                     

January 2011-May 2011


Actors Foundry with Mathew Harrison/Robin Neilson                      

September 2009-January 2011




Accents (Standard American, British RP, East Indian, Australian)

Rock Climbing, Volleyball, Snowboarding, Advanced Horseback Riding (English/Western),

Martial arts (black belt karate) Stage combat, on set gun experience

licensed driver (auto/standard)

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